PeakAvenue e1ns: Template-Management

  • Content: In this PLATO e1ns e-learning course you will get to know the PLATO e1ns template management. Using an abstract example, we will go through a typical template cycle:
    • Template creation
    • Publication (release)
    • Template usage
    • Lessons Learned
    • Template comparison with a new version
  • Target group: All users of PLATO e1ns software who want to edit and analyze systems and processes based on templates:
    • Facilitators
    • Team members
    • Business administrators
  • Prerequisite: The participants should know how to use the PLATO e1ns software. This course is not suitable for people who do not yet know the e1ns software!


  • PLATO is a PeakAvenue company.
  • In the future, all courses will be PeakAvenue courses and the offer will be constantly expanded.
  • In the transition phase, there may be a mix of PLATO and PeakAvenue courses.

Dr. Ummo Fooken

Senior Consultant