Methodology of PFMEA

  • Content: This PeakAvenue e-learning course teaches the basics of the Process-FMEA methodology according to the specifications of AIAG/VDA including FMEA creation with PeakAvenue e1ns.

  • Target group: The course is aimed specifically at users of the PeakAvenue e1ns software who are involved in the creation of a PFMEA but do not edit it themselves in the software.

    • Team members without software access

    • Readers of FMEA documentation

    • 8 lessons

    • 8 quizzes


  • PLATO is a PeakAvenue company.

  • In the future, all courses will be PeakAvenue courses and the offer will be constantly expanded.

  • In the transition phase, there may be a mix of PLATO and PeakAvenue courses.

Dr. Ummo Fooken

Senior Consultant